Pursue Doctor of Medicine to get USA Residentship at Affordable Fees?

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Clinical Training Program

Texila American University brings you an excellent opportunity for the students to pursue Doctor of Medicine courses with US Clinical rotations. It would prevail the students to get trained for the United States Medical Licensing Examination or the USMLE Training so as to get settled in USA.

This program consists of daily discussions in class regarding selected questions taken from established Board Review texts. This Review Program begins from semester 1 and continues until the student begins a residency program.

TAU has contracted with experienced USMLE preparation programs that shall give live, online and hands-on training for students to clear the Step 1 Exams.

Even while the student is in the residency programs TAU shall offer continuous online and paper based training, simulation and mock test for the students.

Get trained for the USMLE Exams to enroll into US Residentship.

Pursue Doctor of Medicine with Texila American University and Experience the difference!

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