Interested to Enter US Residentship with Clinical Rotations

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ECFMG Certifications

Pursuing Doctor of Medicine degree would be one of the most demanding if you get a USA Residentship with which you can practice as a Doctor on USA.

United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is the only way to get settled down in the USA with the medical profession. ECFMG Certifications is equally important for the graduates.

Texila American University has the right option for you to earn with a Doctor of Medicine with the US Clinical Rotations.

TAU offers the programs with high level of professionalism and exactness. The curriculum of the University is designed after the best US Medical Schools.

Premedical classes would be pursued in the Concordia College New York which is one of the heritage-old colleges in the capital city.

Clinical Rotations would be organized in the affiliated hospitals in the USA. It would present the users with an added advantage that the USMLE training would be simultaneously provided to the student who wishes to settle down in the USA.

Texila’s medical curriculum is structured after the best medical schools in the United States, and is designed to leave you well-equipped to handle the changing demands of health care in many fields of study.

Along with the option to study Doctor of Medicine, it would also encourage you to get into US residencies with US Clinical rotations.

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