Pre Medical Program

Pre Medical Program

This program meets the demands of the requirement of all leading boards and bodies of medical council, and emphasize in training the students science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Calculus ) and English along with the introduction to basic sciences of Preclinical subjects.

Eligibility: Students with high school pass with Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and Physics


Premed 1: 21 Credit Hours Total Credit Hours
PMT001 General Biology I 6
PMT003 General Chemistry I 5
PMT005 Pre-Calculus 5
PMT006 English I 6
Premed 2: 22 Credit Hours Total Credit Hours
PMT013 General Biology II 6
PMT015 General Chemistry II 5
PMT Calculus 5
PMT018 English II 6
Premed 3: 23 Credit Hours Total Credit Hours
PMT024 Introduction To Histology and Cell Biology 6
PMT010 Organic Chemistry I 6
PMT008 General Physics I 6
PMT012 Psychology 6
Premed 4: 24 Credit Hours Total Credit Hours
PMT025 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology 6
PMT022 Organic Chemistry II 6
PMT020 General Physics II 6
PMT027 Ethics 3
PMT026 Medical Terminology 3

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