Doctor of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine ( MD ) program with Texila American University prepares the student to become the part of the service group of doctors who is serving beyond the traditional requirement of society.
This program has accommodated students from all continents ( more than 35 nationalities ), which is recognized by Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research ( FAIMER ).

MD degree is designed according to the American medical curriculum.

medica Program

This program meets the demands of the requirement of all leading boards and bodies of medical council, and emphasize in training the students science subject read more ››

Clinical Program

The Preclinical is taught at TAU campus in Georgetown Guyana. The curriculum has been organized and designed to support the mission of training physicians to meet the health care needs of all sections of societies. read more ››

We help 5th semester medical students transition from basic science to clinical medicine. Giving them a clear understanding of what it means to be a physician, in addition to preparing them for Step 1. Our fifth semester is 16 weeks duration. read more ››

It is extremely difficult for internationally trained physicians and international medical students to secure quality clincial rotations within the United States. We provide services to navigate this process expeditiously and correctly. read more ››

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