Getting into Residency

The process for an internationally trained medical student or graduate is clearing all of the hurdles. Placement into a U.S. residency training program is very ominous and daunting. Do I take a board review course? What specialties should I apply to? What programs are “IMG friendly”? What is ERAS? How do I become ECFMG qualified? These are but a few of all the questions that must be addressed for one to have a legitimate chance of residency placement. 

The Solution

Texila American University has created the ultimate seminar for the proper preparation of the international medical student/graduate for successfully entering into a U.S. residency program. While we cannot guarantee acceptance into residency, this seminar is a must for all international medical students or graduates, who have hopes of getting into residency.

Topics Covered

  • US Medical Education History
  • The Residency system
  • The Residency specialties
  • The ECFMG certification process
  • RRC
  • NBME
  • State Medical Boards
  • State requirements
  • ERAS
  • Match day
  • NRMP data processing
  • The scramble
  • IMG friendly programs
  • So called “help sites”
  • Board review
  • Visa issues
  • CV/personal statement
  • The interview
  • Applying to programs
  • Residency Directors
  • Clinical in the US vs. other countries
  • Alternative Careers

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